This is an interesting article for the layman about the changing gravitational constant. One part that intrigues me is their hypothesis that maybe the nature of gravity (the form) is changing and that some other force might be changing it. Or maybe gravity is subject to oscillations? Any change could have interesting consequences.

Gyve Bones writes:

A rather weighty and grave subject for this site, eh? I reckon it falls under the category of ever-changing cycles, and perhaps, BBQ.

Gary Rogan writes: 

It's almost funny to see these scientists very concerned about the possibility that G is changing without much concern about what, in our universe (other than some supposed new field), really determines why it has any specific value vs. any other value or why it's at least somewhat constant through the Universe. Why shouldn't it change, if you have no idea how the value comes about in the first place?

Jeff Watson adds: 

But then again, if gravity can change form, can time and space be far behind? And I'm not talking Discovery Channel stuff.

Gary Rogan replies: 

ANYTHING where you don't understand the root cause (and even then if your understanding is wrong or incomplete) can change. All the fundamental physical laws are basically just observations that haven't been contradicted YET, and all the social science/market "laws" are just observations that at some point seemed correct to enough people. 

Jeff Watson writes: 

I suspect that F=MA would stand the rigors of any test in the macro realm. PV=nRT would probably stand up also, as well as V=1/2 AT^2. The fundamental Newtonian physical laws are pretty intact and have been proven in a variety of ways. Had the physical laws been incorrect, man would have not been on the moon, we wouldn't have landed a rover on Mars etc, Ohm's law(among other things) would not have be proven and I would not be able to communicate with you in this venue. And " the social science/market "laws" you make note of are more of an art than a science. I apply science to markets every day, but along with the science, I also use the art taught to me by my mentor to achieve a small degree of success….sometimes.


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