We mentioned rice on the site a few weeks back. I just ran across a few items of possible interest.

Evidently one white rice (Oryza) index shown below is hitting a 2-year low.

Behind China, India and Indonesia appear to be the 2 biggest producers and 2 biggest consumers.

Here is an article and video on the Thai Rice Mortgage "Scheme" :

"In the latest in our series on Thailand's populist, big-spending programmes - known as Thaksinomics - we look at the price guarantee for the country's rice farmers. It was a promise made by the governing Pheua Thai party during the election campaign two years ago. The policy involved buying the entire rice crop at a fixed price - and as a result the government has accumulated a vast stockpile of the food, which if sold at today's prices would incur a loss. The BBC's South East Asia correspondent Jonathan Head reports on one of Thaksinomics' most controversial policies."


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