Challenging, from Gary Rogan

August 30, 2013 |

 [The company said] the target for its general insurance business was
“challenging” following disaster-related losses.

"Zurich Defends Accounts as Ackermann Exits After CFO’s Suicide"

Using some pop psychology, I would anticipate that what exactly is referred to as "challenging" has some bearing on the magnitude of future declines. In this case some financial target being "challenging" simply means that there is no way in hell they will meet it. If however the business environment is described that way it's likely to mean two things: all hell is breaking loose and the management not only lost control but doesn't want to take responsibility for what's going on.

Victor Niederhoffer writes:

A study of use of "challenging" and NYSE might show some evidence of future inordinate declines a la Sornette but taking account of both side of the distribution, not just one tail, i.e. a real study.

Here is a 2007 study of that hypothesis which is somewhat "challenging" on a number of fronts. 

Ken Drees writes: 

I find this Stunning.

The poetry of the the modifier word "healthy" pointing to cash flows as in blood flow that sustains "a strong and resilient balance sheet", the body of the corporation, juxtapositioned against the wan image of a very "dead" monitor, (CFO), of the bloodflow of the corporation's health under a "sheet" at the morgue.





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