In an attempt to slow the degradation of my offspring's minds into ipad driven oblivion I took them to the Science Museum in central London today. They had both been many times but there are still many nooks and crannies yet unobserved. Their father has a particular pull towards the space exploration section as it was his childhood dream to walk on the Moon (a dream he pursued all the way to applying to be aircrew (fighter pilot status) in the R.A.A.F. two decades ago).

Anyway, there is currently a show being put on in one of the auditoriums called 'The Energy Show'. The show basically goes through many different forms of energy (Kinetic, nuclear, etc etc) in a child friendly way. The use of Van Der Graaf generators and exploding balloons of H2O2 always wins over the youngsters. A delightful use of Albert Einstein as a guide was also very interesting. If any specs are passing through London in coming weeks with young ones (7 - 100 years old) then I highly recommend it. (And while you are there….sneak off the the section on space travel).


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