Bronycon, from Garrett Baldwin

August 19, 2013 |

 On the way to my graduation from Purdue two weeks ago, I headed to the light rail to travel to the airport.

As I awaited the train, a slew of grown men dressed up in My Little Pony garb were on their way to a conference about four blocks from my apartment. Baltimore in successive biweekly periods has hosted a My Little Pony convention for adult men, Comic-Con (sp?), and soon a Grand Prix race that annually loses millions. But it is the former that was so bizarre to me, that I was very pleased to reach this article, which may be one of the most random, insightful, odd, and funny analyses of academia, counterculture, and exercises in wearing random costumes in public.

Enjoy or shake your head… this is a step into the weird…

"The Dread Pony"


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