Zimbabwe is opening a stock exchange that will only trade shares "appropriated" from other parties. Only blacks may participate.

"Zimbabwe to open a "blacks only" stock exchange"

A commenter adds:

Words fail me. But if there was one country in Africa that needed foreign investment more than Zimbabwe, it would have to be the CAR (or whatever it's now called). If there were any capital left in Zimbabwe that could be moved out of country, I'm sure it's already moving. I guess it will be another generation before the country gets its act together and develops a legal system worthy of the name.

anonymous writes in: 

I used to live in Zimbabwe and now live in Durban South Africa – but I go visit frequently.

I would move back to Zim tomorrow if Mugabe went.

Zim runs totally on US dollars – banks ATMs, all cash is the US dollar.

The economy is starting to pick up again and the shops are starting to fill up with foreign goods.

But Mugabe and his sidekick the Indigenisation Minister Kasukuwere are the problems – both are bloody mad.

But that said Mugabe is one of the healthiest 89 year olds I know.

One thing is for certain – every election Mugabe makes outrageous statement of his future intentions- then he rigs the elections - wins -repeats his outrageous statements at his victory speech - then you never hear anything again.

But there is always a first time with this mad man.


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