The Brits are making excuses for their poor showing at the swimming world championships by blaming their "fast pool" training venue:

"It seems to have the perfect depth at Ponds Forge [olympic pool] of three metres, because it's all to do with the resistance in the water," he said. "Also, there is the consistency of the water. Because it's got ozone and oxygen in there it's very buoyant, so that allows people to swim faster as well."

"All our swimmers who go there post really fast times," he said. "They then can't replicate it later in the year, and they think that is working against them.

What is the symbolic ozone and oxygen in a market that makes it
sustainable and allows consistency? It's probably another reason not to
over trade across many markets because it's quite difficult to get the
ideal market balance…and then when you have great success you may
think that is the new norm and hamper further progress.


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