Keeping in mind that I maintained my record of not watching more than 10 minutes of any NFL game this season, from all that I've read, Grossman has never been considered more than a mediocre QB. That the Bears went as far as they did is surprising (and as a Packer fan I have little use for the Bears).

The real comparison between the QBs (for me) occurred at my Monday exercise class. In Tennessee, Peyton is still regarded as a hometown hero. The Indianapolis win was almost as big as a Titan's win would have been. But nobody in the class (and there are some big Manning fans there) remarked on him having a great game. In fact, the consensus was that he didn't deserve the MVP award. (Last night Letterman, an Indianapolis native, wanted to recognize the QB who won the team it's championship: Rex Grossman.)

I'll leave to those who saw the game to determine whether or not the award was deserved.

Victor Niederhoffer writes:

While I can't understand anything that the President is talking about, let alone its relevance to markets, one has learned that he is always far above us in all specs of hunting, and we place it on web with the humble and reverential mien that we always have when the President's bag of ducks bulges so much greater than our own.





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