The quote below is from Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hanks. I needed something relatively fun and mindless to read and it was recommended by a friend. The book is a lot of fun and I never expected to find anything deeper.

I liked the idea of doing all you could to reduce the chances of you, as an old person, saying 'if only'.

… 'If onlys' are inevitable, an inescapable part of life. If only that plane hadn't crashed, if only that volcano hadn't erupted, if only I hadn't stepped in that dogshit. The trick is to be masters of our own destiny in so far as we have control, and take the rest on the chin with a wry smile. But we must go for it. Only a fool would squander the rich opportunities which life affords us."

Shane James writes:

When one reads about successful individuals in business fields this sort of thing always comes up.

Narrowing the field of individuals massively to include only Financial Market types one sees, to a man, that they all took massively outsized risks in their early days that just happened to pay off. All the heads of the current brand name hedge funds fall into this category. (As a quick aside, Portfolio Managers in these same funds now lose their allocations with drawdowns circa. 3%.) Quite harsh when the 'names' themselves used to swing 50%. The survivor bias is massive. It is not enough just to have the positive attitude of a Richard Branson or the taking all opportunities like a Paul Tudor Jones or the massive leveraged bets of a middle aged Palindrome…One still needs to have figured an edge.

So, I think one should take every opportunity, never let any experience pass one by in a business sense and only stop when you have developed the edge/ product or skill that no one else has. 





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