Woodson reminds me of the trader who holds a losing position 10 days in a row until it totally ruins him. He stays with Smith despite the fact that he's a loose cannon,loses the ball by relaxing on offense, goes 1 for 6 from floor continuing his usual shooting percentage,has Anthony giving up as he unbelievably notes Smiths bad play, gives a gratuitous technical foul, and generally tries to get his game back when the season is at a precipice. Yet Woodson stays with him regardless the way a trader holds a losing position until he goes broke. Its pathetic to see this stubbornness. The worst thing that happened to Knicks aside from the sullen Ewing resonance on the team and the three point holdover from Antoni is the lucky game winning shots that smith made at the beginning of the season. One remembers the winning shots he made, two, but he lost 10 or 20 games with the same shots later in the season.

Craig Mee adds:

The cowboy really doesn't have a place in this day and age of professional sport or markets. Players are way too fit and every part of their game is looked at and tested to expose any edge the opposition can utilise. The question now is how on earth are things going to evolve in the next 10 years as the last 10? For sport or the markets … and is there a way to foresee this and be better for it, in knowledge or profit.





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