I just had a modern Finnigan happen to me. I got to sleep long a commodity that I had a profit on when I fell asleep but I left my limit orders to buy well below the current price in. I heard a computer ring tone 12 times waking me up. I am reluctant to get up because I know that means that I have a substantial loss and one limit order below after another must have been filled. But one must face the music. So I drag myself up, (I hadn't slept for two days as was long another commodity that refused to budge while I waited for the hoped for rally in it in vain.) So I get up finally, reluctantly, meanderingly, and walk outside my room. To my relieve I hear Toria shouting, "dad, I'm locked out, please let me in. Are you home?". The ring of the door bell is exactly like the ring of the computer. So with relief I make my way to the computer. Sure enough, the price has fallen to right above my limits and I have lost just as much as I would have if I had not mistakenly thoought the ring on the door bell was the ring on the computer. One hopes that I've made myself clear.





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