The talented, entertaining and volatile Knicks put on quite a display the other night in winning their first playoff series in 13 years by taking Game 6 against the aging Boston Celtics. With less than 10 minutes to go in the final quarter and leading by 26 points the Knicks however managed to throw the outcome in question by rapidly giving up 20 consecutive points. Even the rants, raves and exhortations of the garishly orange-clad, sideline, Knickerbocker cheerleader, Spike Lee, seemed to no avail as shot after shot was missed and turnovers came in quick succession. I just happened to tune into the 3rd and 4th quarters and have never seen an NBA game ending quite like it.

The NBA record for the largest 4th quarter comeback is mentioned here:

"It's harder still to overcome a 29-point deficit with just 8:43 remaining in the game, as the Milwaukee Bucks did on Nov. 25, 1977 against the Atlanta Hawks."

One would think coaches, if they're not already doing so, would resort to instant statistical displays (such as those by Synergy Sports on large hand-held tablets in order to show players during timeouts where things are going wrong, but maybe this would be too much information for the already stressed athletes.

As the Chair mentioned earlier, too many isolations by Carmelo Anthony from 3-pt range is not always the best way to run an offense. I enjoyed this article about it: "One Reason Carmelo Anthony's Knicks Are Shooting Worse–Isolations".





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