Double Move, from Mike Ott

April 29, 2013 |

 My sons Quincy and Ryan are 11 & 8, respectively. They spend a massive amount of time together and are best friends.

They love to make up games, challenges and bets. I strongly encourage this.

Tonight at dinner we had a smorgasbord of leftovers from the weekend. Ryan got a devilish grin and held up two closed fists. Here is a summary of the conversation:

R: Quincy, I bet you can't tell me how many apple slices I have left

Q: What do I win?

R: The winner gets to shower last (Who goes first and last in the shower has become a big deal)

Q: Ok. I see one apple slice on your plate. I think you hid one in your noodles. And I bet you only have one in your hands. You want me to think you have one in each hand and there are 4. I bet there you only have 3 left.

R: I only have one! (Opens two empty hands and beams with pride). I wanted to see if I could fool you and give you the answer but make you guess wrong.

The whole scene reminded me of the iocane scene from The Princess Bride .

A strangely proud dad,






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