1. Never try to make money the same way twice in a row.

2. Don't trade inactive markets.

3. Don't assume that the relation between your two favorite markets will stay the same from year to year.

4. Be alert to big minimums on Monday as they tend to reverse.

5. Try not to sell markets that have big drifts upwards like stocks.

6. Try to go with with the central banks.

7. Be one with the idea that has the world in its grip and be on the side of the market that will further that grip.

8. Never go for small profits as the vig is too great relative to your gain as a %.

9. Don't trade when a loved one is very sick.

10. Round numbers will be broken.

11. Play the yen to break 100 and the S&P to break 16000 and Apple to swing from below 400, e.g.

12. Gold has been a store of value for a long time. When it gets hit hard, think of all the people in the world and the institutions that use it for insurance.

13. Don't sell premium in the grains as they move explosively.

14. Never trade so that you exceed your margin. (You will have to get out at the close unless it moves in your favor and that makes you weak).

15. Don't listen to tips or try to follow fast moving operators as you won't know when they are going to change positions and how strong and on what basis their views are made.

16. Let your profits run after you have a big loss and get back to even sell to the sleeping point.

17. Don't take positions that you plan to extricate from in inactive trading hours.

18. After or just before a major announcement don't use limits.

19. Only buy the worst markets or stocks at the end of a quarter or year.

20. Never trade when you're out of the office or on vacation or on a whim.

21. Beware of trading when the market is going to be closed and you will not be able to extricate from your position like European markets when they close for a month around Christmas.

22. Don't short big up opens.

Okay, that's a start. Hopefully, I am more adept at this kind of thing a trader should know than I am at the things a man should know.





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