Years ago, Dr BO, the hobo, our kind of crazy genius, posted a report on the realization, he could live of a few $ a day by eating some 1,000 calories per serving at McDonald's, with that 2k a day calories plus a bit of walking he'd lose a few pounds per month. A couple memes destroyed and on the meme generators, He would never read newspapers again.

P.S. last night at BMX track a few asked about eating the AAPL. My comment was when the price of a good lap top is under the cost of the telephone/computer pad… got that?

Yesterday was a frustrating day. I took out all my frustrations on the starting gate. I have a few kids that can't get the hole shot, or 1st out of the first turn. To remedy this I announced let's see how many starts we can do in one hour. I managed 32, about double the kids. Which is silly, as interval training probably slows you down in the short term. Yet the proper form and muscle memory is needed for certain tasks. This comment is in regards to school or requirements of jobs to have a degree when nothing about the job or degree will help perform the task. "We had to do it so, you do to" the gist is the Chief of hiring requires the degree in X because we had to do it. That reminds me of running up the Indiana beach Sand dunes because Walter Peyton was doing it. Or, the silly habit we had as kids to run or walk around with ankle weights.

My cousin, same age, is like my brother and my best friend. He ran MX at Red Bud the famous track we raced as kids. He reported that his results of 15th of 18th last Sunday. He never quit riding but hasn't raced in forever. We had planned on racing the event June 8th. He reports that there is no way in hades we can run the vintage class (same bikes we had as kids 30 years ago) as the track is too difficult. Yet, if I really wanted to race, (he talked me into it in the first place) I can ride on of the practice bikes or 5 years or older bike in another class.

On race results that had import to excel. I then figured out why he was so concerned about me being run over. He had no clue how well he did vs. the current 30 and over Vet pros that ride for money cash awards. The top 5 in his moto or race won the 30 over and beat one of our old friends that run 40 over Vet pro. Plus my cousin is riding a 10 year old 125CC 2 stroke in the 250 4 stroke class. Yet he wasn't even in that class with the kids…as he didn't want to get run over. He exclaimed BUT the class was called Vet sport C class or 122CC and over bikes for riders just coming back.

Bobby I don't care what they called the class… that day it was 30 over open class and you were in there with the Pros X pros on 450's brand new technology bikes… Those guys ran two classes and a few of them finished better in the money race then in our open for trophy of the day. OH!

Which reminds me of yesterday and the flash crash. Guys had stops in 10, 15 and 20 under or trailing on their advanced computers. The problem was hours later they were getting fills and now ofcurse they were now caught short from waaay below.

The electronics and software of the markets remind me of the TPI or fuel injection that was coming on productions cars in the mid or late 80s. They didn't work right and were basically junk. Yet by the early 90s it was good and now it's awesome. My dad, frustrated, pulled the TPI off his vette and threw an old school carb, fuel pump on his mid 80's vette… For years he exclaimed how the computers and all was junk. For years I argued.

Today it's now about Turbo charging small CID engines or running direct injection into a V-6 that makes some 300 HP. For example my first good job and check I bought a 91 vette that had only 325HP.. By my second in 95 it was up to 350 HP with electronics and head designs alone.. Now a much smaller engine, a V-6 with 12-1 compression and variable valve timing makes 300+ HP and the little 4 banger engines are making 300 HP with turbo chargers. All of this was available 20-30 years ago but was junk. Now it works with computers.

So, if walstreet computers follow the time line of race carz to production car it will be 20 years since electronics were first introduced into market making about 97. In 4 years it will all run right and we will not even notice.





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