Random Observations, by C. Kin

February 3, 2007 |

On the topic of bonds - one of my trading partners was recently grousing that she would only see requests for quotes and markets posted by other dealers on investment grade products until about 10:30AM (EST) day-after-day. High-yield securities however, are quoted at a uniform pace all throughout the normal trading session. Application to markets? Perhaps it is that large institutions are less reactive (more algorithmic) to intraday market forces than ever in recent times? Is there a parallel in other markets, which have facilitated enormous degrees of customer mechanization over the past couple of years? I certainly see it in equities …

On the topic of cycles, and the elapsed time since key events - a quick search of my e-mail history shows that the last substantive message that used the word "lobagola" took place in February 2006. Are the elephants extinct?


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