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I note even more metal roofs being applied to residential roofs. I have kept a close eye on a few that are a few years old. I note them now dulling and one funeral home roof is faded and now beginning to peel.

I asked my banker how appraisers are looking at value and he indicated there is now some concern over valuations of metal roofs.

I feel the newer metal roofs, like some investing methods, are untested. I readily admit my strength is in residential construction and apartments.

For now I will take a 30 year dimensional shingle roof over metal until positive tested methods show me otherwise.



Ralph Vince writes:

I was just in Punta Gorda, Fl., which was spit-shined, pristine and caught my eye. I notice all of the homes there have metal roofs and came to learn that it is the result of Hurricane Charlie a few years ago that came ashore there. Those roofs DO look a lot less wind-peelable than their shingle-based counterparts.


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