"Jimmy, you can crawl or walk the beams all day without tools, or you can man up and walk the beam."

I was about 17 years old, not too high, 25', walking a steel beam, the crane just set as I tossed a couple of bolts in one side and walked the beam to set another. Dad was ribbing me, "you're not afraid of heights, son, walk it, let's GO!"

I may not fear heights but I sure do not like them. I just did a silly trade. I sold out before the book said to sell. It cost 1/7th.

Now you might say Oh Lack, a point or two is nothing. You silly day traders.

I'll explain it this way… in every racing school and many other sports the world champions teach "everyone looks for the one big edge, but the winners know it's a bunch of little things, done right is what makes the difference."

You know the guys that always win and make it look effortless.

P.S. in retrospect a "get the joke" was 3 am this morning, I was working and the Bloomberg guy said Oh just wait til the Dax opens. SPU was unchanged so I left it alone. Woke up to 7up. 





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