FLA, from Jim Lackey

April 1, 2013 |

 The Family just returned from Florida. One can see a boom or a bust around every corner. On one hand (econ joke) you can see the boom– new real estate projects, Disney full to capacity as of noon. On the other hand the bust– the Space coast Condos at whole sale prices 89k a few hundred meter walk to the most beautiful beaches.

What is remarkable to me is to see and hear of old friends doing the same things as 11 years ago. Yes, the bucket shoppes are back with 50 men screen watching.

I love Florida. My family and friends are there. The weather was a bit cold for a few days, then it was perfect. The Atlantic waves were a blast with the full moon set to the West and the magnificent sunrise over the ocean. What a perfect way to start the day.

After a 12 hour drive into the Nashville rain, with the grass a bit greener, a few leaves on the trees, it is a very late spring here. I asked the wife, FLA? She replied, not a chance. Make some money honey and buy one of those condos with in walking distance and do learn how to surf.

Kudos to Watson and Sogi… what a workout those waves are! One may never forget how to ride a bike, but when it comes to the waves, I put on the towel. Not sure if I'll ever learn. 


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