I would encourage every child of college age, and parent, to NOT do it.

I have niece at Miami of Ohio. She studies accounting to eventually take her CPA.

She can take all of her accounting classes from better institutions, online and for free. All the content — the very best of content — is available online and for free. Why not take the classes offered by Wharton?

Why not learn about differential equations from those teaching it at MIT?

The major colleges and universities are very disturbed by this trend, wondering when the dupes who keep paying to send their kids to their schools will wisen up — they KNOW they need a new business model, it's only the relentless nature of human momentum that keeps them going here. They are well-aware the only reason people are attending in person and paying is to get the diploma — the content is available for free. (The kids end up taking most of their classes online anyhow.)

It's the 21st century. I look at the nonsense at Florida Atlantic University, and other second tier colleges, and they appear to be an utter waste. I cannot speak for the Ivy league schools or other top academic institutions, though, as an outsider, they DO offer their content for free and online.

To bypass this I think is a sin, and that doesn't just pertain to college-aged young people, but to the rest of us as well.


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