I can't recall recommending any TV or radio program; I certainly never thought I'd recommend one broadcast by NPR. But this is one that should be heard:

Trends With Benefits


150,000 added to job market every month - 250,000 added to disability program every month - disability pay amounts to $1000 a month plus full medical coverage

disability lawyers representing refused applicants face no government adversary arguing for initial decision -win about 75% of time against unrepresented appellant

states paying welfare (expending state dollars) hire specialist firm which goes through welfare list in effort to switch recipients to disability program (using federal dollars) - gets paid $2300 a head, if a child or children in that same household can be found learning disabled or otherwise, firm receives $1400 and child gets $700 a month

Clinton's "successful" war on welfare ushered in era of disability growth

The broadcast is to be one of several that run all week — will be very interested in hearing reactions of NPR regulars to this cultural apostasy.


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