(NYT) "Clippers 93, Knicks 80: Clippers Overpower Knicks as Their Skid Reaches 4 Games"

It's pathetic and funny to hear Smith as the go to man and spokesman for the Knicks as he is the cause of all their misery being the world's worst and not equal to any opposing counterpart. By relying on him, they're guaranteed to lose. On that vein, before game, Kidd was receiving some lessons in shooting threes from the Clippers shooting coach. The Clippers were so confident of winning, they showed sympathy and gave lessons to their adversaries. Okay. What's the relevance. It's like a technician explaining why he missed a call, and why his range forecast which just missed by 1 or two points before it went the other way by 30 points was off by a little. When one played doubles, it was always wonderful to have an opponent taking 80% of the court when he couldn't compete with us. That's the way the other teams must feel when they play the Knicks and Smith is their go to man.


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