For the Floridians or visitors to Florida. I highly recommend The Florida Museum of Natural History (FMNH) in Gainesville, located on the west side of the University of Florida campus (UF not FSU!). It is very educational for kids and adults alike. It's somewhat centrally located for those living in Florida.

They are now featuring the giant snake Titanoboa from 60 million year old coal deposits in Colombia. A nice thing about the museum is that there is an art museum next door too.  And to top it off a large theatre is a stone's throw away also. There is usually adequate parking and the location is easy to access coming off I-95.

Full disclosure!: Many years ago as a geology student I helped the FMNH with the task putting numbers on and cataloging some of the Norman Weisbord collection of fossils from Cabo Blanco and Playa Blanca, Venezuela–a very unusual assemblage of large marine shells and other marine fauna (representative of how big species can get under the right conditions). Dr. Weisbord was an important paleontologist and petroleum geologist who helped with oil exploration efforts in Venezuela. Weisbord was quite a collector.

The FMNH director was my paleontology professor at UF.


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