"Super duped" about an old professor who thought he was going to find romance with a beautiful model who he met on the Internet. Instead he carried her suitcase of a white drug. Apparently he confided to her, and what must have been the beautiful reporter that interviewed him, that because of his co-authorship with many who won the Nobel prize, it was a 50% chance that he would win the Nobel also. Anyway, he's in prison now in Buenos Aires. And the prison guards always greet him with "hey Professor, have you won the Nobel yet?

Couldn't realize the resonance of that until I remembered from edspec… the letter my grandfather sent to the football coach. "When you have an all American like Artie Niederhoffer on the team, how could you give the ball to anyone else or let anyone else make the tackle". The coach read the letter in the locker room. And from that time on, my dad had a new nickname. " All American". We met one of the team at Lundi's 20 years later. "Hey, All American, how's it going. Caught any more touchdown passes lately?".


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