Mulling over the scraps I've overheard at recent soirees, it seems there are parallel auction markets for ambassadorships at work. Within a given "sales territory," in my case, zip codes 10028 and 10128, there's fierce competition between fund-raisers as to which of them gets credit for any money going to Hillary.

The one who brings in the biggest sack o' cash gets some plum ambassadorship.

One "target" said he was going to tell each money-raiser that he couldn't be seen favoring any one of them over another, so he was going to give directly to a PAC that bypassed all their fingerprints.

Looked at a different way, if one wants to play that game, one is playing not only the party and candidate, but the sub-faction through which one channels the cash … as if having the right bookie is nearly as important as having the right horse. And presumably the bookies are busy cutting each other's throats when no one else is looking.

I suspect this is all very similar to what was happening around the Senate in ancient Rome, and in Berlin's back rooms circa 1938.


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