The web mistress, as you doubtless know, has a very good sense of humor and her pictures are often very funny. I asked her if she could find a picture of a young kid "heading the ball" in soccer to go along with what I just wrote about the man. And it will be interesting to see if she does.

T.K Marks writes:

I've always found the selection of the photos that accompany any given DailySpec article to be a delightful adjunct and sometimes so mischievously ironic as to be sublime in and of themselves. A cornerstone of my personal philosophy is the highest forms of truth oftenmost are found in the irony. As such those photos generally resonate well with my sensibilities.

So some years ago I started wondering just exactly how those photos somehow came to be matched up with their articles. To do so I had to get inside the head of the website's art editor, someone whose identity and background I did not know. So I would play a little exercise with myself: Read the article and then try to cull the exact terms or themes from such that when entered into Google image search would yield the photo.

You might want to try this little bit of forensics with Aubrey at some point as doing so would probably help further develop astute acumen in his bright young head. I can hear you now, "Aubrey, find me the provenance of this photo in the next 5 minutes and you have permission to stay up a half-hour later this evening."





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