I came across these articles today, thinking about and researching what the health care system is going to look like, now that the Affordable Care Act is being rolled it.

I formerly considered the 'health' part of my long term portfolio design a sector to emphasize, anticipating the bulge of the baby boomers turning into net health care 'over'-consumers, and in line with the long term move in the US economy to over-weight the health services sector, and the formality of that sector over the last fifty years to make sure a structured income stream is flowing into it without interruption

The article and the trail it leads to, point out that part of the healthcare delivery system is laying an 'allocation' formula, or 'curve' of who will get what level of care, over the span of their statistically projected lifetime (which 'manages' 'demand' for resources, rather than letting 'more free' market approaches prevail work) [1] [2]

I am not so sure that the sector was perhaps not 'too' successful, causing the emergence of a political will to put it under control of the central planners, and so ending that reason to over-weight it

1. "The "Complete Lives System"-why so little comment from the medical blogger world?"

2. Prioritized lives





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