I found this article about DIY weapons of the Syrian rebels.

There is tremendous ingenuity there despite difficult odds especially as the EU and US yawn.

Were the pics only slightly different during the American Revolution?

Stefan Jovanovich writes:

Nothing happening in Syria matches the scale of the American revolution or its duration. It was not, in any sense, an uprising; it was a civil war comparable to the one that began in Britain in 1640 and it was fought between organized armies, both of which have current serving units that can trace their ancestry back to 1776.

Army National Guard and Active Regular Army Units

The American Revolution began with the New England militias and the Regular Army literally kicking the British out of Boston using artillery taken from Fort Ticonderoga and muskets that they already owned. What Washington struggled with for the rest of the war was the fact that the British were not going to stay gone but were going to use their Navy to come back. The fleet that arrived offshore in New York harbor was the largest amphibious invasion in human history - more men and more ship tonnage than the Mongols' attempted invasion of Japan, Alexander's siege of Tyre, Anthony and Augustus' triremes at Actium. It was also, by far, the longest voyage. That effort wasn't matched again in size and distance until the Allies landed in North Africa during WW II.

The financial scale is also one that we have difficulty understanding. The war lasted for over 6 years and took Britain to the edge of bankruptcy. For what became the United States the result was total insolvency.





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