It's time for another article roundup from me. This time around I found a couple of interesting articles related to universality.

1. "Spacing out: Plotting the distance between individuals"

"That internal calculation of impending impact kicks in and helps carve a comfortable space every time a starling swoops in to negotiate a spot on a wire and every time you pull up behind another car at a stop light."

2. "In Mysterious Pattern, Math and Nature Converge"

'In 1999, while sitting at a bus stop in Cuernavaca, Mexico, a Czech physicist named Petr Šeba noticed young men handing slips of paper to the bus drivers in exchange for cash. It wasn't organized crime, he learned, but another shadow trade: Each driver paid a "spy" to record when the bus ahead of his had departed the stop. If it had left recently, he would slow down, letting passengers accumulate at the next stop. If it had departed long ago, he sped up to keep other buses from passing him. This system maximized profits for the drivers. And it gave Šeba an idea.

"We felt here some kind of similarity with quantum chaotic systems," explained Šeba's co-author, Milan Krbálek, in an email.





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