A Great Books program is designed to teach history by having first-hand experience reading the primary works of thinkers upon whose shoulders the edifice of Western Thought rests. The works are to be read in chronological order, to the ideas are arranged and built in the mind in the order by which Western Civilization was built. They are like building blocks.

Listening to a re-digested synthesis of all that material, selected and edited and interpreted according to some unknown theory (but likely, given today's academic gestalt to be a form of Marxism) and regurgitated into your earphone by a for-profit company undermines the very idea of the program.

Fortunately most of the Great Books are out of copyright, and so may be downloaded and read at no cost from Project Gutenberg, and that reading greatly aided by the electronic resources for learning and contextualizing available at one's fingertips in most capable ebook readers (highlighting with auto-compiled indexes of highlights, wikipedia search, web search, Google Maps).

The reasonable excuses for ignorance in this world, apart from apathy, sloth, incorrigible stupidity, and willfulness, are quickly becoming endangered species in this Brave New World, and are on the brink of extinction.





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