It was surprising to hear that in the new book about being smart (and a world traveler), he talks about losses, as I have never heard him acknowledge a loss before, and he seems the most insecure and least humble of men. The loss must have been of the kind that Harry Brown writes about "we said gold would go to 950 from its then current level of 450, but we were wrong as it only fell to 450 before rising to the specified level". The false humility of it all. Similar to the Palindrome. "Well, my. This man is so honest and so good. If he calls it a mistake to just miss it by 10 bucks, imagine what he must make when he's right. I'll invest with him immediately". The perfect lie often starts with a false admission of wrongness to throw the victim off the track. Cole Porter was a master of this, i.e. his admission that he was a captain in the french legion "only because they wanted to have an American in the force". Of course, he never got near the French legion and was there to evade the draft and of course the other thing he liked to do at night. img.imageResizerActiveClass{cursor:nw-resize !important;outline:1px dashed black !important;} img.imageResizerChangedClass{z-index:300 !important;max-width:none !important;max-height:none !important;} img.imageResizerBoxClass{margin:auto; z-index:99999 !important; position:fixed; top:0; left:0; right:0; bottom:0; border:1px solid white; outline:1px solid black;}





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