This is an amazing clip of a magician performing the card trick "Sam the Bellhop", which is "without a doubt one of the best card tricks you’ll ever see." (from Big Geek Daddy).

The other week I was at a social event where they brought in a "corporate" magician. I've always wanted to see someone cut aces from a deck in person — and sure enough, the guy said it was easy.

So we went off to the side — I inspected the deck and shuffled it myself. He cut the 4 aces in 10 seconds…unreal!

Jeff Watson writes: 

Notice the very subtle technique he used to get the guy cut the cards exactly where he wanted it cut. Notice the crimp? Notice the Mechanic's Deal? The rest was false cuts, false riffles, false shuffles and very nice subtle pass throughs. He had the deck set up beforehand, and not a single card was moved despite all outward appearances. This guy is pretty good, but you can't listen to him, just watch the hands, and only the hands. His patter reminds me of the noise that the mistress uses to deceive us and relieve us of our cash. One could probably improve their speculation game if they just concentrate on the movement of the hands and ignore the noise. 





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