One doesn't recall seeing so many bullish things in a market recap in many years. It reminds one of the bearish lists that Alan Abelson would come up with in the complete enumeration of his weekly articles from 1956 to 2005 that collab and I read from 1956 to 2005, during a period when the market went up about five fold.

Jim Lackey writes: 

If one was at The weekend meeting…

"Say, look fellas, this mumbo of 1000 point rallies and declines of the same on political mumbo jumbo must stop. We need the public in the game and moving their book to cover the eco system overhead of the US market. Look at Mr White, he had to take a pay cut! Why are we losing our friends when we lost many in the crash. This must stop. Let's agree to keep the declines at a swift 300, a gamber smash 20 day max to minimum in three. Yes and lets keep the news flow all declines are healthy and pauses to refresh. HFT keeps stealing? Lets do to hft what we did to the day trader in 2004. Work the open and close as gentlemen and from1030 to 330 lets agree to play it as tight as possible. If HFT does not have the big orders to front all the have is to catch a retail 100 share order at lunch or best fight each other to the death. All HFT not backed by us making markets will be gone in a year.
Hear here..cheers long live the US markets."


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