A chess player once told me that his purpose in playing was looking for the truth. A throw-away remark which stayed with me.

Time zones and the Pond enable me to spend some time composing before the Market opens. It is a quantum like world. One can start with virtually nothing, the simplest chord sequence like I V I. Then by opening a curtain from this “nothing” is revealed limitless opportunity to develop emotional themes and developments pursuant from the chord progression, each leading to other vistas. But — like a quantum measurement — the material is not available until noticed by the artisan, and is then fixed in its character, for ever affecting what is to be found next. Now what is more real (or more enduring - if these concepts are the same), the chair on which I sit or the musical ideas I thus frame?

Then comes the Market, another limitless sea. My spreadsheet securely lashed to the broker API, I watch the tide wash in and out, waves from each position move up and down tick by tick. I mainly watch the numbers change, using graphs only where it helps, and although I am now able to channel them into virtual reality I will do so only if/when it helps see what is going on. Some positions — generally the larger ones — are more prone to move up and down, and some more often than others, and this latter concept, a slightly different one from volatility, is not yet coming over visually.

It is a challenge to communicate the maximum meaning with the minimum components, which faces me every day in Music and Market.


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