The "get the joke" theme works well when it comes to business and the trading of stocks and markets. My theory about why it doesn't work in politics, unless you have a man in DC, is that the political men have a two party monopoly over all. They will drive business or the country into the ground simply to disgrace their competition.

This would never happen with Coke and Pepsi or two MX racers or anything I can think of right now in life. The only thing I can think of this minute is when my dad was in Indianapolis for a convention and he went to the rest room. Quail and his cronies walked by and saw working man dad in a biz suit and didn't realize who he was. Dad overheard him say I told those A holes what they wanted to hear. Trust me when I say Dad was a very strong and able man. At the time he was 39 years old.


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