I just noticed you are running a contest on best investment idea for the year (2012). Yes, I even have time to read dailyspecs when I am in Cambodia. I don't know if its to late to qualify, but I have couple for this year. Short Yen and long Vietnamese stock market. My thinking goes, Japanese would have to come up with something drastic and they will, to stop appreciation of yen, and as much as i don't like people's thinking in Vietnam, long Vietnamese exchange (hnx or ho chi minh), median age is 27, hungry and ready consumers. And there is a want among the young to be westernized as fast as possible. I met lots of ex-pats from US in Vietnam who came back to open up small business in Vietnam. One other important thing is the communication infrastructure around the country, internet wifi is everywhere and inexpensive due to cut throat competition.

I wish I could say the same about Cambodia, my god, people are wonderful, but if you move 5 minutes from the center, streets are not paved yet no running water and forget about electricity, and there is 0 infrastructure (again, thats outside the center. The whole place is running on charity. I am not sure why this is (not long enough here), every business man I meet says, it takes forever to get anything done here. Third one is a gamble (its all a gamble, this one is a bigger one), long Euro, I hate euro, and there is 0 reason for its existence, but everyone hates euro these days, so I went long (today actually), there is no way (anything is possible) on the election year we will see collapse and/or deterioration of the currency, it will happen, but not yet (at least that's my thinking).

If I still qualify and win, make winnings go to the charity of your choice, I am sure you looked into many already (but not to 9/11 museum fund, you know how I feel about those salaries). After South E.A. the salaries and lifestyle of most Americans seem obscene (I am living with my wife in as much comfort as we need and want on $15-$20 a day and that's A LOT here, (including rent). Good observations on Paris and London, Paris is not the same anymore and moving into a sadder state every year (same is with my ex-favorite city Florence, compare to 1999 now its just a Chinese clothing market).

Arthur Khaldarov adds:

Just to clarify: This was written and emailed on Thu, Jan 5, 2012. 


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