Dad Fixed That, from James Lackey

December 24, 2012 |

 I had a few rants and raves vs. the Md's on these lists the past few months. My biggest beef is with congress. The VA has a very good system for those with certain illness. Currently if you have a job that pays above the minimum, congress didn't fund enough for X combat vets. They do not accept my insurance or cash! Huh? It turns out I am fine, and after seeing 4 MD's and the dentist I am worn out. Only thing I know for sure is MD's are fantastic. It's clear the insurance companies are in charge. Soccer moms are excellent at gaming the current system. They get the job done. Medical office management needs reform. They are not happy. I learned that with a big smile, a hello, a I hope you have a great day, you'll get more done with medical clerks than offering 100$ cash tips. I am fine, 100% healthy and back to myself.

Over the past many years we have had orders from Berlin or DC to NY markets. Let's just say I didn't cope well with my lack of sleep. A post a year ago was on how great men must have the ability to go weeks on 4 hours per night and retain their abilities. I can make it three days in a row and work a straight 48, then I crash hard. I need to sleep. The markets know this and turn just as we have hit our exhaustion point.

My Dad, the boilermaker, worked emergencies for power plants or the mills many times in his career. He'd get his over time, bust out 7-12's and run it the straight 48. This is what men do. Yes, this is what women with small children have always done.

I have no idea why it took so long, but dad finally asked me what the hades my problem was. I said its the shifts. Some nights 1 am, some 5 am, some we know there is nothing as of the open so we can be at work 8 am. He said ooooh son, you can't do that… He could never work nights, and never ever do shift work. Son, why don't you get up 0200 every day and work til the close? Take a break and do your research once the kids are in bed, then hit the rack. It's only 5 days a week and that will not be a problem for you. You're tough, go get them tiger. "It's better then 7-12's, welding 200' in the air in February at Bethlehem steel in Gary IN. Immediately my entire life changed. Thanks dad, as a kid I needed you. Now that I have kids, I need you even more.

p.s. Young traders you will read in Ed Spec you must exercise every single day. I don't care if you lace up your running shoes, hop on your bike, get to the end of the drive way and say, that's it for today… The next day you'll make it to the end of the neighborhood, a week later you'll run 2 miles or bike 5-10. The excuse, you're tired, you work 75 hours is the reason you must exercise. Sleep and a consistent schedule is imperative. Traders must work 2x as hard to make the same money we did 10 years ago. Hey, that is true in any sport, job or gig that is a free market. Once you get your head around these facts of life, the stress, the ability to deal with kiddy colds and school functions, the ability to walk away from work, and not think about Sunday night's opens your day of rest will return. You'll be back.


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