Shouldn't dividend paying stocks consider reducing or eliminating dividends, and instead use free cash flow for share repurchases? Assuming long term cap gains tax will be less than tax on dividends.

Gary Rogan writes:

They have to consider that many of their holders are sub-250K and many hold in tax-shielded retirement accounts. "Widows and orphans" still rely on dividends to some degree, so there is probably some sort of a Laffer-like curve where the post-tax income total return averaged over all the holders is optimized by a particular dividend policy.

Mr. Krisrock writes:

You can't turn on a financial news program without hearing about special dividends. Companies are also rewarding employees with 15% dividends as a year end bonus. Even better is issuing debt, which is tax deductible and buying back stock when ITS is not at a market peak?

This will likely happen sometime next year…not now. Most liberal Californians haven't figured out how Obama has tactically created the seeds for a republican internal war in 2014. Boehner has made sure his entire house leadership is comprised of supporters, and he can cut a deal that enrages the tea party whom he despises. Now tell me who defends personal property rights, when there is a rebellion among republicans. Obama can get back the house in 2014 simply allowing the brain dead rep establishment to self destruct. They are really that dumb…and he is really smart …he won re-election no matter how he did it.

It would be a waste of corporate cash to buy stocks here and now and the more special dividends from companies like Home Depot, the more we can confirm the worst is coming.

Jim Sogi writes:

Isn't the threat of dividend tax a good way to shake out accumulated cash held by corporations? Wouldn't a better way be to get rid of the dividend tax? Equities would go through the roof.


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