The case for doctors and vets to share even more information is being made. In Palm Beach it is not unheard of for favorite pets to have thousands of dollars spent on procedures (i.e. chemotherapy) to further extend their lives. One imagines that in some cases data useful to humans may be produced. Dr. Keely no doubt can provide further insights:


"Zoobiquity springs from a simple but revelatory fact: Animals and humans get the same diseases. Drawing on the latest in medical and veterinary science—as well as evolutionary and molecular biology—Zoobiquity explores how jaguar breast cancer, dolphin diabetes, flamingo heart attacks—and more—are transforming human medicine."


"Horowitz's central claim is that this failure to make connections between animal and human medicine is robbing us of vital insights that could improve health and even save lives. "Zoobiquity" is the cheesy neologism given to the approach that makes just that link.

Horowitz and Bowers give several striking examples of why this link is needed. For instance, the reluctance in 1999 of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to listen to the counsel of a veterinarian led them to falsely conclude that a mysterious disease that had broken out in New York was St Louis encephalitis, when it was West Nile virus. The delay this caused almost certainly cost lives."


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