It's instructive to read the comments to this NYT blog post "Is Rush Limbaugh’s Country Gone?" which notices with glee the ascendant coalition of victims and their rising power. There are themes that emerge by seeing the same memes repeated, such as:

The rich have brought this upon themselves by making it impossible for a regular person working a regular jobs to support themselves and their family.

Socialism isn't so bad, and as we move farther away in time from the Soviet bogeyman as it's positive aspects are severely underappreciated by the rich.

3. Captial gains rates are the biggest giveaway to the rich.

4. Rush Limbaugh should not be allowed to speak. All he does is peddle treasonous rants grounded in hate.

5. "We" allowed the rich to take more of the nation's wealth, so "we" need to make sure they share it for the good of the people.

6. The immigrants are well justified in their expectations for various societal benefits such as good free public education, roads, bridges, free health care, etc.

A couple of days ago Rush Limbaugh himself agreed with the conclusions of the blog entry itself, but of course not the positive point of view of the results. The most interesting part of the post is the numerical study of how much capitalism is despised by many sub-groups and how well socialism is liked.


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