This morning I used Amtrak's auto train for the first time. I went from Orlando to DC and I expected the train to be half empty. I was wrong. They kept adding cars until the entire unit was over a quarter of a mile long.

I have to say, I'll never make that drive again. While the auto train does not save time, it does save wear and tear on the car. Also, for the driver it's a lot safer to sleep on the train than sleeping on I-95. As far as cost, car and passenger cost $420. That included two meals, all the fresh fruit you can eat and no sleeper.

I saved 900 miles worth of gasoline and tolls [and speeding tickets]. I also saved one night at a hotel, meals and a lot of I-95 related stress. Amtrak's service was family-friendly and courteous. I also like big trains, so I'm biased.

Because everyone has different needs, I'm not necessarily recommending this option. But I am recommending travelers consider this option. The drive from DC to Orlando is BORING and long. Also, some of those southern boys love to ticket those damnyankees (yes it's one word)!


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