I voted for Gary Johnson, but come on, Romney didn't commit all kinds of blunders. He ran a decent, energetic campaign. Far better than McCain or Dole or probably even the Bushes. It took Romney until late in the campaign to hit his stride, but by the end he sounded far better on the stump than did Obama. And of course he won the debates.

But every time Romney opened his mouth, the press crucified him for a blunder. When he made a very mild and presumably knowledgeable comment in London on preparations for the Olympics, the nationalist, socialist English press cried he had insulted their country and the US press piled on that his foreign trip was a disaster. When he happened to mention being supplied with binders of women, it was absolutely the worst, most anti-women comment anyone could every make. When he questioned the apologetic US reaction to the Libyan riots, the press said he was politicizing a tragedy. Meanwhile the President could ignore pleas to send support for our diplomats, resulting in the murder of our ambassador and shorted-handed former Navy Seal security team, and the press was totally uninterested in looking into or even reporting the matter.

But the real trouble was structural, as Vic pointed out. It is now, and certainly will be in the future, impossible for a Republican presidential candidate to win.

Based on exit polls, Romney won 58% of the White vote, Trouble for him was that Obama won 93% of the Black vote, 67% of the Hispanic vote, and 75% of the Asian vote. BTW Romney also won 60% of the married vote of all races — an incredible figure never mentioned in the blizzard of commentary about Romney's "war on women." These are figures that would have resulted in a landslide for Eisenhower or Kennedy or Reagan.

All in all, Romney won the traditional American vote. What Obama won could somewhat unfairly but not totally unreasonably be characterized as the anti-American vote — the alienated minorities, those on the dole given Obamaphones and such, the capitalist cronies, the lefties and naive young, the Hollywood dabblers, the academics and a large chunk of the intellectuals.


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