So the lines for gas around NYC continue. Few stations have gas and those that do quickly run out. However gas is available. People are selling on craigslist for $15 per gallon. A guy near me brings a truck from upstate with gas selling for $9 per gallon. We pay up to avoid the time of searching for stations with gas and then waiting in line.

I imagine this is what life in the Soviet Union was like, where the price at the store was not allowed to rise creating shortages and lines in order to buy something as simple as bread, or you could pay a premium on the black market for a market value created by lack of competition due to lack of incentive.

I'm sure if the politicians removed the price gouging laws, gas would be readily available at the pump. It might cost more in the short term, but at least you can get it if you need it.

Would a politician be more popular with gas at the pump being more expensive and available or low priced with lack of supply?


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