It seems in the market there are times when participants come into the auction and in doing so present worthwhile opportunities for more astute traders. Maybe this is after lunch, after a big ball game, after a holiday period, and the market has whipped around somewhat over this time period. Traders watching the screens through this period will see a market totally different to the johnnie come latelies. They will have seen the mine/ yours already played out and a market potentially in equilibrium. The latecomer will see a market which needs to be stopped out of, leveraged up on, faded…you name it, an interpretation will be there, due to a lack of "vibratory sense". (new term)

This presents an opportunity to trade value for the astute cane toting old timer, who will quite happily make a market for the new flow.

John·ny-come-late·lies or John·nies-come-late·ly (jnz-) Informal

1)A newcomer or latecomer, especially a recent adherent to a cause or trend.

2)a brash newcomer, novice, or recruiit


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