I am on Al Arabiya's twitter feed given the likelihood of portions of Arabia/Africa to flare up and potentially affect us. Yesterday, there was a small bombing attack in Bahrain which killed two foreign workers. What was so remarkable about the event was upon linking to the website, the front page had a full on side picture of one of the poor souls who had lost his life. The pic's distance was from no further than 1-2 feet and the lethal and grotesque damage to the victim's chest by the blast was immediately apparent.

It struck me that such gritty, realistic footage would rarely if never be shown by the western media. Is there a huge divide in the way events are homogenized for our citizens by the powers that be while the Middle East experiences the true consequences of war and smaller sporadic conflicts? Perhaps I am harping on the ongoing attempts to keep US citizens small and distanced from reality. Not that the ME is a bastion of individual freedoms & liberties.


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