Today's little relief mission to the hard hit Rockaways area was very telling. Fema and NYC relief crews were nowhere to be seen, and everything was being run by a local city councilman and an army of volunteers.

The folks who run the public library down there had decided to turn it into a makeshift relief center, and we were able to get them a much needed generator and some other supplies. The most relief was provided by millionaire hedge fund manager Roy Niederhoffer, who in 1 day managed to put together an army of people to bring down cars and even a 26 foot u-haul truck with enough pre-sorted food to support 100 families of 4 people for days. Note he didn't just write a check, but he actually quarterbacked the entire operation (for the second day in a row).

Oh, and when we were leaving trucks for the New York Daily News (owned by billionaire Mort Zuckerberg) rolled up to drop off much needed blankets.

I wish Mitt Romney had written a check for $10 million bucks and called up his other wealthy CEO buddies who run companies like Costco or Home Depot and had them divert a bunch of trucks down to the hart hit areas. That would have been the best answer to the constant ridicule by liberals that he's just too darn rich.

Mick Tierney writes: 

Just to provide a little balance to the "1% big government" post, here's a story I heard just this morning.

Our 73 year-old pastor takes three weeks off every Spring and Fall to re-visit small churches in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina (a routine he established about 17 years ago). He takes another four weeks each summer for a church/school/medical facility he has established in Haiti (a project begun about 20 years ago).

This year he was asked to make a first visit to a small church (35) in the vicinity of the SETI Institute — obviously in the middle of Nowhere, WV. While there he and his wife were invited to dinner by one of the church members. After discussing various local issues, he asked if his hosts had ever met any of the SETI staff.

They replied that they had receive one visit. Late one afternoon a gentleman knocked at their door and announced that he had a heating blanket for them. They thanked him kindly but refused as they already had one.

He informed them that he was aware of this, but that their current blanket had developed a short. They checked and discovered he was right - without explanation he gave them the blanket and left.

Now you can return to the possibilities of election day computer hacking.


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