Bullies, as adults, generally abuse their authority. If you stand for excellence and have some success you will attract the attention of bullies. It has been my experience that bullies hate a good success story but despise the successful more for the attention and admiration of others than their success. The heroes of myths, Bible stories, and legends are often victims of the drummed up accusations of bullies. Apparently, most ancient cultures were gravely concerned with bullies in everyday adult life.

Here are several tells that a bully's complaint against you is a witch hunt rather than legitimate complaint:

1. You are singled out after publicity.

2. Many interviews are held and are fishing expeditions of your weaknesses.

3. In these interviews, there are two types of witnesses, those that routinely support the bully and those that are intimidated and gladly rat out their neighbor to get the bully to leave their doorstep.

4. The interviews are one sided.

(It is widely known that the bully and their cohorts have immunity for much more corruption. Interrogations do not happen for them. Romance, money and power are often a triangular core. The bully often is a mistress of the ruler in the stories)

5. The bully often will intimidate and harasses the friends and family who would give the moral support to the victim.

6. It makes no financial sense for the bully to waste so many resources pointing out your minor faults.

It makes sense to do whatever it takes to rid yourself of an organization that allows one to be bullied.

I wonder if the moral implication of the ancient stories is correct, that rampant bullying is a subtle sign of an empire or emperors impending sudden chaotic demise…


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