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September 27, 2012 |

 Whatever you think of Agassi, there are several market lessons here, and Agassi must have either read the Chair's books or have been taking lessons.

"Quit going for the knockout, he says. Stop swinging for the fences. All you have to be is solid. Singles, doubles, move the chains forward. Stop thinking about yourself, and your own game, and remember that the guy on the other side of the net has weaknesses. Attack his weaknesses. You don't have to be the best in the world every time you go out there. You just have to be better than one guy. Instead of you succeeding, make him fail. Better yet, let him fail. It's all about odds and percentages. You're from Vegas, you should have an appreciation of odds and percentages. The house always wins, right? Why? Because the odds are stacked in the house's favor. So? Be the house! Get the odds in your favor."

-Agassi, from Open: An Autobiography

Victor Niederhoffer writes:

As usual Agassi has it all wrong–something that can be predicted from an ingrate from a family like his. The only one that can go for singles, that can grind is the house. The player should never grind.

Jim Sogi writes: 

Lions and hyenas use a similar strategy when they kill a buffalo or wildebeast. They group up and wound it. They don't go in for the kill. They let it bleed a while, weaken, then tear it up and eat it. Why risk injury when waiting works.

George Parkanyi writes:

What kind of a market lesson is that? "We'll let you stew on your margin call for a while– THEN we'll come and throw you out of your house." ; )


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