For anyone who is interested…it seems this event involves quite a bit of he said she said, with some good old miscommunications, and selected curve fitting thrown in for good measure.

"The Inconvenient Truth Behind the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands" :

My research of over 40 official Meiji period documents unearthed from the Japanese National Archives, Diplomatic Records Office, and National Institute for Defense Studies Library clearly demonstrates that the Meiji government acknowledged Chinese ownership of the islands back in 1885.

Anonymous adds: 

In the current drama of this event, the very ownership of the island, though seemingly at the core, is actually a very secondary issue. What is worth watching are the following.

1) In a country where there is zero tolerance for demonstrations and even public gatherings, how come  there were suddenly so many demonstrators on the streets?

2) Why is there is so much resemblance between the main slogans, banners and pictures? Who made them?

3) During some demonstrations in front of Japanese embassies, why weren't passersbys allowed to join in? Who were those allowed?

4) Of the people leading most of the violence in the streets, how come many are short-haired, tan-faced, strong-muscled, young and well-coordinated? How come they had no fear of the police when doing the violence?

5) At a time when Bo Xilai is being judged and when the Party leaders are fighting in closed doors for who will take charge in the future, is all this just a coincidence?


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