The wish for a strong father figure seems to be eternal in markets. Sometimes it was The Fake Doc, other times The Scholarly Chair, or a president or chairman. Like the rookie who starts the season off with a 400 batting average, you have to hand it to Draghi. He seems to have captured the fatherly longings. Whenever the market goes down, the cry of "Where's Draghi" can almost be heard across the lands.

Stefan Jovanovich adds: 

It helps the rookie father figure if everyone agrees not to throw any curve balls:

"Despite the surge in federal borrowing in recent years, net interest outlays are projected to hold steady at 1.4 percent of GDP through 2015, primarily because interest rates are expected to remain near historic lows for the next few years. Interest rates are anticipated to rise noticeably thereafter, causing net interest outlays to increase to 2.3 percent of GDP by 2020".


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